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August 2023

ZELDA MAE Review: Fresh On The Net

ZELDA MAE  ‘Really very good’

London-based artist Fergus “… writes songs according to his mood, often choosing to embrace the melancholy, and through it finding a place of healing, beauty, and serenity”. He comes from a classical music background and toured professionally in his youth as a cellist in orchestras and as a member of a choir but, when this era came to a close, he found himself “… burnt out, without a sense of identity”. After a period of some turmoil, it was playing and writing with a guitar that restored his passion for making music.

Zelda Mae begins like a folk track, strummed guitar accompanying Fergus’s high register unusual and appealing voice but, as the arrangement fills out, it takes on a much more epic feel and the harmonies are powerful and affecting. Those choral and classical years were not wasted and have clearly fuelled both his sense of dynamic and his skills in arranging. The outcome is stirring, visceral and evocative pop. I picture vast highland scenery and a group of singers and players appearing on the horizon as they join Fergus on a mountain peak. Really very good.

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