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July 2024

Songwriting: Introducing Fergus “Three Of Swords”

Fergus is an artist who is able to drive home rolling percussions with thumping beats and after teaming up with renowned producer Jake Gosling (Shania Twain, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga) to create his latest EP Three Of Swords the Londoner is ready to take on the world.

“Jake likes to work quickly to capture moments of inspiration and he knows when to push me to spark something, but also when to be hands-off and let me go quiet for like half an hour while I work things out in my head,” explains Fergus. “I feel very comfortable in the studio and I come up with stuff that I wouldn’t on my own. It’s been a blast so far.”

When creating the forthcoming record, Fergus would allow his moods to dictate the process: “I write songs based on my mood and I basically rely on being in that mood to finish a song. Moods come and go and I don’t like to force the songs into being, so sometimes a song can take no time at all to write or…years!” He continues: “I nearly always start with guitar then sing over that trying to find the right melody, usually a few lyrics will jump out and I’ll go from there, sometimes I already have some in mind. It’s important to me that the lyrics and melody go hand in hand and really fit together.”

And fans can expect a much bigger production and bolder sound on the new EP, with Fergus saying the record offers, “Bigger production. More attitude. My debut EP Purple Road was very introspective and this next body of work is more explosive.”

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