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June 2024

Singles of the week: Indie London


“London-based singer songwriter Fergus has released a calm, reflective music video for new single Zelda Mae, the first single from his second EP Three Of Swords (due for release May 2019 via Goldun Egg Records). Directed by Jordon Rossi (Rankin Film Productions) and set in the British seaside town of Camber, the video represents a day of reflection which inspired the track.

Fergus explains: “Zelda Mae is about giving up on someone and, in doing so, finally breaking out from under their spell. Waking up from a trance and realising what you were putting yourself through, and everything that cost.

Giving up can be the hardest thing to do and Zelda Mae is a release of months of hurt and sheer frustration; it’s triumphant in its sadness – a silver lining on an overcast day.” Jordan added “The track is hugely emotive, and the idea was to translate this to screen with strong cinematic visuals.”

The song itself is another deeply personal track as Fergus continues to soul search and purge himself of negativity through music. The artists talent for stirring, emotive songwriting continues to evolve in this heart-rending song, a reflective brooding vocal, glides over melodic guitar rhythms and the rich timbre of deep cello, gathering pace and intensity as Fergus pleas for peace of mind. It starts off low-key and acoustic, before layering in the cello and the empowered sense of vocals.

As slow-builders go, this has the potency and beauty of a Bear’s Den or Elbow record, coupled with the thoughtfulness and emotional intensity. But it’s also delivered in the somewhat more low-key and intimate fashion that Fergus has become synonymous with.”