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July 2024

“London singer/songwriter FERGUS is proof that there is beauty in even our darkest spaces. A haunting journey through his own inner pain and conflict, FERGUS’ debut EP Purple Road (released October 25, 2018 via Goldun Egg Records) is a raw, breathtaking unveiling of intimate emotion. Aching with ethereal ambience and earthy indie folk, the seven-track record captures a rising soul on the mend as FERGUS pours himself into songs of failure, self-doubt, regret, loneliness, love, and ultimately redemption.

“A haunting journey through darkness, FERGUS’ aching debut ‘Purple Road’ EP is a raw, breathtaking unveiling of intimacy and emotion.”

Introducing himself just over a year ago with the bittersweet soliloquy “You or Nothing,” FERGUS treats his songs like a teenager might their diary: His music details the kind of experiences and emotions most us of avoid discussing, even with ourselves. In premiering his video in January 2018, Atwood noted, “‘You or Nothing’ is a vivid portrait aching with sincerity, the sort of exposed vulnerability that tugs at your heartstrings.” FERGUS sings like he’s alone with you and only you, surrendering himself in song.

“The Purple Road navigates a journey of complex emotions and enabled an unburdening of emotional torment…” FERGUS shared upon the EP’s release. “I also wanted this collection of songs to convey a kind of toughness that only comes from being constantly vulnerable.”

The ominous “Sinking” opens the EP with a mellow blend of ambient guitar and piano. We hear the artist wrench his heart out as he captures the pain of falling in love: “Your arms are wrapped around my bones; if you don’t love me, let me go.” This sense of dark urgency elevates into a heavier pain in “Nobody Knows” as FERGUS explores some of humanity’s worst traits. The 26-second spoken-word “Fool” offers a moment of light in the melancholy, its bright melodies and commitment to self-improvement filled with a refreshing energy that maintains through tearjerker “Crutches.” An inimitable reflection on pain and its impact on our persons, “Crutches” puts the full weight of FERGUS’ majesty on display as the artist’s darkness translates into musical beauty. FERGUS concludes with the driving “Willow,” an upbeat and energizing song of renewal and transformation. We feel the crushing weight that permeated this record begin to lift as FERGUS attempts to leave one world behind and enter a new frame of mind, state of being, etc.

Whilst “You or Nothing” remains FERGUS’ catchiest song and “Crutches” his most enlightening, the entirety of this debut EP is worth a close and careful listen. FERGUS’ first record is a heavy-hearted and meaningful exploration of human depth and how we deal with our own emotions. We serve to learn a thing or ten from this singer/songwriter, who has dwelled in the deepest parts of his being and translated that into poignant grace.

We all have our demons, but FERGUS is among the few of us who can translate those demons into something magical, compelling, and bigger than itself. Experience the full record below, and peek inside FERGUS’ Purple Road EP with Atwood Magazine as the singer/songwriter goes track-by-track through the music and lyrics of his debut!”

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