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July 2024

Leave Me Light Review Atwood Magazine

:: “Leave Me Light” – FERGUS ::

Mitch Mosk, New York

London singer/songwriter FERGUS has been an Atwood artist-to-watch since we unveiled the music video for his debut single 3.5 long years ago. Over the intervening years (and three EPs), FERGUS has proven his artistry to be a resounding vessel of deep emotional reckoning, with soft, stirring, and soothing songs plunging into the darkest reaches of the self. His latest release is a new kind of visceral upheaval: One that shines with the radiant glow of intimate connection and togetherness. Released June 25 via Goldun Egg, “Leave Me Light” is a bright and loving musical caress – a sweeter tune sipping on the beauty of our everyday moments, finding the good in life and living for those simple, smile-inducing highs.

Dawning in
Let your dreams away
Like dandelion
Soaring higher than the trees
Come up from under
Blink out the night
And nuzzle with your skin under me
Love leave me light, in the morning I’m entwined
Taking my time every morning,
very night I’m entwined
Taking my time, leave me light

“‘Leave Me Light’ chronicles some of the little moments in an early morning routine, as your partner leaves for work,” FERGUS explains. “I wrote it when we were just coming out of hibernation and starting to go back to normal life again. Dragging our feet and drawing out our goodbyes, saying ‘go gently and hurry back soon’.”

FERGUS has, in the past, brought to bear our own internal reckonings of the heart, mind, and soul; following the darkness of a year lived in true isolation, fear, and loss, he seems to be taking a 180 and finding reasons to embrace the world around us. It’s a refreshing approach for an artist who knows how to so deftly pull at our heartstrings, not to mention a beautiful way to embrace and appreciate the little things that too easily pass us by. “Leave Me Light” is sure to leave listeners beaming.

Source: Atwood Magazine