Fergus has a gentle yet devastating pace.

The newcomer’s work gets under your skin, gradually pushing its way past your defences, overpowering your emotions.

From that soft, stark delivery down to the trickle of electronics, FERGUS has developed a potent, highly individual style all his own.

Producer Jake Gosling guests on new single ‘Sinking’, and it slowly, relentlessly pulls you in. FERGUS explains:

‘Sinking’ is about falling under someone’s spell. You don’t want to – you know better – but they’ve hooked you and left you marked, intoxicated. It’s about that feeling in your stomach. The feeling that twists and churns as it hurtles towards its conclusion. Like a storm they lift you up and they let you down; they tip you over, wreck you, and they swallow you whole – Inevitable as the sea.

Tune in now.


“Stark, solemn songwriting from the rising songwriter…”

Robin Murray, Clash Magazine