Who doesn’t love a twisted love story?

Fergus takes us inside a sad, emotional journey with his new single, “Sinking,” and it’s almost like we want to remain apathetic on romance.

The track is produced by Jake Gosling, who has worked with hit-makers such as The Libertines, Lady Gaga, and Ed Sheeran in the past. It has a lot of sadness into it, but at the same time, it pushes a glimmer of hope once all the hurting is over.

“Sinking is about falling under someone’s spell. You don’t want to – you know better – but they’ve hooked you and left you marked, intoxicated. It’s about that feeling in your stomach. The feeling that twists and churns as it hurtles towards its conclusion. Like a storm they lift you up and they let you down; they tip you over, wreck you, and they swallow you whole – Inevitable as the sea,” said Fergus.

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