I implore you to take a journey down the Purple Road. It’s definitely a journey you won’t regret.”

“The new EP from London-based FERGUS is illustrious and at times a rather exemplary offering, full of ecstasy and tranquillity. The calibre of songwriting is at times awe-inspiring and wonderfully utilises vocal harmony to significant effect. This massively makes these tracks so much more enjoyable to listen to, even on the twentieth repeat.

With just vocals, a tenderly plucked guitar and at times some visionary use of electronics, FERGUS has created an EP that deserves high amounts of praise. I have no doubt that it will be received.

The pivotal and incredible part of these exquisite and haunting songs are without a doubt the lyrics and the way these tracks are sculpted.
Like a fragile and delicate flower, the lyrics add a scope and depth and ask for a certain amount of quiet contemplation.”

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