“FERGUS’ hauntingly tender “Strangers in the Night” will take your breath away.”

I am honored and proud to be premiering FERGUS’ breathtaking version of “Strangers in the Night,” a hauntingly bittersweet outpouring of longing, tenderness, love, and sadness.

Despite sharing the same lyrics as the original, FERGUS’ “Strangers in the Night” feels like a brand new story, featuring new characters and a different plot. The scene is a dark, mellow haze; the outcome is uncertain, yet still meaningful and important. His “Strangers in the Night” is an infectiously catchy, soothing track that approaches love from a place of sadness, mourning, and hope. One gets the sense his love is left unfinished; that by the end, there is still work to be done.

Adding new depth to the lyrics and an intoxicating, breathy melodic line following “a warm embracing dance away,” FERGUS manages to completely detach “Strangers in the Night” from its best-known version, introducing listeners to a new song that feels eerily familiar, yet wholly fresh, intimate, and inviting.

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