Three of Swords EP (2019)

I wrote ‘Three of Swords’ last summer. It’s melodramatic and full of rage and hysteria. There are some very specific details and some more overarching sentiments. It was a very cathartic process writing and recording this but now it serves as a slightly unwelcome memory. But also a lesson learnt and I’m very proud of the songs and the depth of the production, and development in the sound. I think it shows the growth in my confidence as a songwriter and a performer, and in myself -being more vocal and outward, rather than internalising everything.

1, Hoping, Keeping
2, Zelda Mae
3, Turn Gold
4, Submarines
5, Too Much
6, Not Enough


Strangers In The Night (2018)

A supporter of my previous releases got in touch saying he was planning to propose and asked if I’d cover one of the songs that mean the most to him and his girlfriend. I said straight away “I’m doing strangers” I just knew I could do something different with it. At the time I really needed something to throw myself in to, so I spent 3 days recording it on my sofa. I wanted to make something special for Mitch and Jess, of course, but really, I did it for a girl… I poured all my longing and devotion and sadness into it, and I liked it so much I took it to Jake to mix properly for release.

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Purple Road EP (2018)

My debut EP, take a stroll down the Purple Road with me…

1, Sinking
2, Nobody Knows
3, Fool
4, Crutches
5, What You Gonna Do
6, You or Nothing
7, Willow

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