Review: Fresh On The Net

ZELDA MAE  'Really very good' London-based artist Fergus “… writes songs according to his mood, often choosing to embrace the melancholy, and through it finding a place of healing, beauty, and serenity”. He comes from a classical music background and toured professionally in his youth as a cellist [...]

Track Premiere: XSnoize

"Fergus releases new single Zelda Mae" "London based, singer-songwriter FERGUS, releases new single ‘Zelda Mae’ the first single from his second EP ‘Three Of Swords’ due for release May 2019 via Goldun Egg Records. Speaking about the track FERGUS said “Zelda Mae is about giving up on someone [...]

Review: Songwriting Magazine

“Sometimes a song can take no time at all to write or…years!” "Fergus is an artist who is able to drive home rolling percussions with thumping beats and after teaming up with renowned producer Jake Gosling (Shania Twain, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga) to create his latest EP Three [...]

Review: Wolf in a Suit

"Simply put this is one of the best covers I’ve had the pleasure to hear." "UK based indie-pop singer/songwriter FERGUS comes to us with a modern yet haunting take on a classic, “Strangers in the Night” by the great, Frank Sinatra. This amazingly talented artist embraces the romanticism [...]

Songs of the Week: Indie London

Following release of his Purple Road EP singer songwriter Fergus has followed up with his version of classic tune 'Strangers in the Night'. "The result fully deserves inclusion in our singles of the week. It’s haunting, yet beautiful, tapping into a sense of longing and affection that might [...]

Live Music Review: Neon Music

"An honest and intimate live show and new single from FERGUS" "FERGUS is perfectly delicate and beautiful in his performance at an underground private live show in London’s Covent Garden On Tuesday 11th December, London based singer-songwriter FERGUS reminded his audience of the importance of personal expression and [...]

Premiere: Atwood magazine

"FERGUS’ hauntingly tender “Strangers in the Night” will take your breath away." I am honored and proud to be premiering FERGUS’ breathtaking version of “Strangers in the Night,” a hauntingly bittersweet outpouring of longing, tenderness, love, and sadness. Despite sharing the same lyrics as the original, FERGUS’ “Strangers [...]

Review: Atwood Magazine

"A haunting journey through darkness, FERGUS’ aching debut ‘Purple Road’ EP is a raw, breathtaking unveiling of intimacy and emotion. "London singer/songwriter FERGUS is proof that there is beauty in even our darkest spaces. A haunting journey through his own inner pain and conflict, FERGUS’ debut EP Purple [...]

Premiere: Celeb Mix

Premiere of FERGUS’ ‘Nobody Knows’ Music Video FERGUS is a truly mesmerising, breaking artist who recently released his compelling debut EP ‘Purple Road’ to critical acclaim. The record has been produced by renowned music producer Jake Gosling who has worked with megastars including the likes of Shania Twain, [...]