Monthly Archives: February 2019

Review: The National Student

Willow: beautiful and emotionally intimate song "The haunting, almost distant, vocals contrast with the crisp guitar plucking creates a full, cinematic sound. What initially began as a lullaby for a close friends' new baby has now been transformed into a hopeful song for us all to enjoy." [...]

Review: When the Horn Blows

FERGUS releases lovingly crafted single, ‘Willow’ "Out of the depths of an ethereal synth haze comes FERGUS’ gentle and solemn vocal, as Willow sees FERGUS draw upon poetic and natural imagery to create a peaceful and grounded ode to Willow; the baby girl of a close friend. Produced [...]

Review: Neon Music

"Fergus has recently released his third single, ‘Willow’ from his highly anticipated EP ‘Purple Road’. It is produced by Jake Gosling who has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga and The Libertines. The serene new single portrays the emotional journey of celebrating new life following the birth [...]