Monthly Archives: January 2018

Review: Where the Music Meets

As soon as you press on the following play button you’ll be stoked. For us, the acoustic guitar quickly transported us to a Daughter ambiance. Then, when the voice came in we were even more hooked. Sensibility and good taste, emotional constraint and a remarkable representation of grieve [...]

Review: Caesar Live N Loud

Wow guys! This is a gem! I love how the song is stripped back to gentle plucked guitars and his unique tender vocals. It has a melancholic feel to it that drew me in from the very first listen! A hauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking song, You Or Nothing is [...]

Review: Eat This Music

"Looking for a slow paced melodic-based perfectly tuned acoustic single? Then London based singer songwriter FERGUS has got you covered with his brand new single, ‘You or Nothing’. Speaking on the creation of the music video, FERGUS explains how he “wanted to create something simple and beautiful to [...]


This fine debut left my jaw wide open and agape earlier today when I first waded into its halcyon stirring beauty, but what really floored me right away was FERGUS’ exceptional voice, a truly distinct and remarkable experience. The new singer songwriter, who hails from London, captures our hearts [...]

Video Premiere: Atwood Magazine

A heartfelt surrender in Fergus' stunning debut "You or Nothing" It’s so much easier to focus on love’s positives: The warmth; the understanding; the camaraderie and understanding. Yet to know love is also to know pain, as anyone who’s loved can surely attest. It’s an overwhelming emotional endeavor [...]